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Hi! I'm Gel (:

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"I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me."
-Philippians 4:13

I can NEVER do it on my own.

My name's Gel. I'm a 20 year old, Employed, Strong Believer in the Lord Jesus Christ.
Who is happily taken by Jomar Cabeling <3
I'm a blessed, happy girl who trusts God is taking care of me, every step I take.
This will be me, talking about life.
The ups, the downs. The sideways and diagonals.
Don't like it? Unfollow (:
Otherwise, Enjoy! :D
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I flipping LOVEEEE the fact my boyfriend is a sushi chef! SUSHI FOR DAYS!!!!!

Red lips for days!!!!! #motd #makeup #sephora #love #cute #awesome #yay #style #fashion

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"I promise to keep you safe from harm, to love you most when you feel alone. I’ll remind you you’re beautiful everyday and thank God every night for having you by my side. I love you. Today, tomorrow and forever and I promise you, this feeling won’t go away." Christmas came early for me and I’m so blessed be loved by the most amazing man I’ve ever met. God has always loved me and for him to give me someone to love me here on earth is indescribable. I’m so happy, I’m so loved and I’m beyond blessed. 😳💏💑💍💖#love #forever #happy #loved #boyfriend #girlfriend #couple #amazing #ring #promise #omg #imsoinloveitscrazy

Me: I like that
Me: *looks at price tag*
Me: I don't like that anymore

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"And if there is one thing that’s for sure, is that I’ve been put on this earth to live. To live for me, and now to live for you." 


Instagram: @WOAHHitsGEL & @yung_picasso 

Anonymous Asked: your boyfriend is a keeper. you two are adorable. :)


He is! I’m very very blessed! Thank you so much (:

"Love can never be measured in time, age or distance. Because those who truly believe in love, surpasses all misunderstanding. The heart is the core of happiness and without heart, you can never be truly happy."

Gel #latenightthoughts

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